“Beer is beer”. 

Those of you who equate beer with what’s commonly available in some small mid-western town may agree with this statement.   I have nothing against the “common” beers, which are great at a cookout, or after a long day in the sun.  Many a Corona, Coors Light, etc., have passed through these lips.  Most are unsure about trying new beer simply because they have no clue what it tastes like.  Do you really want to trust the check-out clerk at the supermarket or liquor store? 

So, now its time to leave your comfort zone.   Go on.  Prepare yourself.  Do some deep breathing, open your mind, or whatever you do before you start a new endeavor.  Accept that there is an unending variety of beer in this world, and that you will never be able to sample them all.   Every country produces at least one, if not more…… Sorry.  I just realized I sound like my therapist.  Least its being put to good use, right?  🙂

What I’m here to do is simply tell you what I’ve enjoyed; the average girl next door.  I will offer suggestions based on the taste of other beer.  As an example, if you like Corona, try Pacifico or Landshark.   If you prefer Killians, try Dos Equis Amber or Amberbock.

This blog is a work in progress so be patient.  I will be entering information as fast as I can on the beers I have had the good fortune to enjoy.  If you have a question or would like to comment, please subscribe and support this blog.

Last but not least, please drink responsibly. I am not promoting drunkenness. This is about savoring the experience and taste. Don’t waste good beer on a bad habit.