Just an every day girl next door with an affinity, a love, a passion. That’s me.  I am no expert; not even close. I’ve had 37 addresses (you read that correctly) and lived in 4 states, which is a whole other story and would require a very large and separate blog.  Anyway this insanity has given me wonderful opportunities to travel and sample lots of beer.

I won’t bore you with technical jargon and processes that only a chemist would fully comprehend, nor the food to pair with each beer.  Maybe you’re unsure in which direction to start.   But fear not dear reader, I am here to assist!


The choices out there are endless and I’ve have only scratched the surface even with the hundreds I have had. So join me in the quest.  Try it; you just might like it. 

Some of the best beer I’ve tasted were from small, independent, local breweries. Support them. You won’t be disappointed.