Chama River Brewing – EST ?

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Chama has 6 year round brews and 4 seasonal.   Their beers are only available on tap at the brewery/restaurant. So if you live in ABQ or plan to visit check it out. I’ll be there in 2 weeks and will definitely return. Their food is also fantastic, so you really can’t go wrong.

The 6 year round brews are:

Class VI Golden Lager – ABV 5% – Munich style Helles (blond) pilsner .  It’s very light but “skunky”. Beer should not make you feel like you’ve been attacked by an animal.

*Broken Spoke Honey Wheat Ale – ABV 5.5% – American style brewed with malted wheat and wild flower honey. Also, “light & dry with a touch of honey sweetness”. I would order this anytime, but esp when its hot outside.

Rio Chama Amber Ale – ABV 5% – American Amber brewed with pale, toasted and caramel malts, but with a spicy dry hop taste. With all the malt And an amber ale, I really thought I would like it; just wasn’t a fan of the spicy hops. On the other hand, my step-dad really enjoyed and voted this one his favorite.

*Rio Lodo Brown Ale – ABV 5.5% – American Brown. “Rich milk chocolate meets silky caramel and a firm bitterness”. You can smell the chocolate but with that bitterness it balances nicely.  This was tied with the Sleeping Dog Stout as my favorite.

*Sleeping Dog Stout – ABV 6% – Brewed with roasted malts and rolled oats. Full-bodied with hints of coffee and chocolate. If you like dark beer, you will like this. I loved it.

Jackalope IPA – ABV 6.2% – Brewed with 6 different hop varieties with fruit overtones “evolving into a snappy and sharp hop flavor”. Not my thing, but it is their best selling beer.  Guess there’s a load of hopheads out there. My mom, who doesn’t even like IPA’s, finished my sample with awesome fish n chips. This was her favorite. Total shocker, but it shows my beer enthusiasm is contagious. Yay for me!

The NEXT 2 posts will a list of various beers (like list of 16 I posted when blog began).  The history, and only if its interesting,  will be very short. I believe 2 posts should more than enough to make a dent in my back-log.