Santa Fe Brewing – Santa Fe, NM (duh) – Est. 1988

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ABV: 5.2%          

 2011 Rockies/SW Regional Champion, US Beer Tasting Championship

Style: English Brown Ale                       Color: Medium, golden brown

Taste: Flower aroma contributes to sweetness, nutty taste, mild and smooth with a nice hopback

 Overall:  Thumbs up!  I would definitely order again.”

Located right at the “top of the Turquise Trail” (which is a beautiful drive btw) started small of course.  In 1997 the capacity increased to 15 barrels progressing to the now 30bbl brewery.  Apparently its’ actual beginning was in the late 1800’s.  The company was incorporated under this name in 1892.  Their advertisements proclaimed their local brew “Guaranteed equal to any St. Louis or Milwaukee beer!”, but due to interstate refrigerated transport and national competition they closed their doors in 1896.  They would find out soon that it would not have mattered.  President Wilson’s passed his stupid law – Prohibition.  Did you know 1,568 breweries were closed?  It took 13 years for that law to be repealed.

Onward –  Using no preservatives or pasteurization they use hops shipped directly from Washington along with specialty malts imported from the UK. To quote:  “Our beers are natural conditioned in the bottle in which the beer undergoes a secondary fermentation that creates the carbonation naturally”.  They have a nice rounded collection including one called Chicken Killer Barley Wine.  I would LOVE to try this just for the name, which is also the reason I sampled our next beer….

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