Abbey Beverage Company – Pecos, NM – Est. 2005?

ABV:  ??? – I could not find it anywhere

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Style:  Belgian Pale Ale / Enkel (single…as opposed to dubbels & trippels)

Color: Pale orange with slight haze; small head quickly disappears

Taste:  Lightly sweet, flowery hops and some spice. Starts with strong flavor but dissipates to a smooth, mild, dry finish.

Overall: Refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Brewed on a small scale at the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe in a closed brewery (no guests are allowed) and under contract at Sierra Blanca Brewing Company in Moriarty. . Abbey Beverage Co. is believed to be the only monastic brewery in the U.S., and controls all the key ingredients and packaging materials at Sierra Blanca Brewing Company. The Monks themselves control 84% of the company.

The monastery, established in 1964, is 13 miles up a gravel road from US route 84 the nearest highway completely surrounded by miles amidst the Chama Canyon wilderness area 75 miles north of Santa Fe, NM. Maintaining one of the largest private solar power systems in the US, so obviously not on the power grid. Definitely roughing it.

The original monastery was designed by George Nakashima  the famous Japanese-American architect and woodworker, who helped Frank Lloyd Wright design the glamorous Imperial Hotel in Toyko. Check out his website; his hand made furniture is incredible.

Available in NM, AZ, and Philadelphia area – outlet locations listed on website. La Casa Sena in Santa Fe is where my mom, who does not usually like this style of beer,tried and loved it.   I’m sucking people in with this project (muhahahaha!).  By the way this restaurant has an awesome outside terrace with some of the best food.  Try anything with green chilies’ – it will knock your socks off.

Right now this and Monks Wit (wheat similar to hefeweizen) are the only ones being produced, but new varieties will eventually be available.