1874 / East Flanders, Belgium
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The name Gulden Draak comes from the Dutch words meaning Golden Dragon. It is named after the golden dragon at the top of the belfry in Ghent. In 1998 Gulden Draak was crowned the best-tasting beer in the world by the American Tasting Institute.

1874. Belgium. Ertvelde, East Flanders to be precise.  Lots of farmers brewing beer at home.  The “DE PEER” brewery was established with beer brewing as its main activity.   Farmers missed out on that opportunity.     Just a side note, I can’t say Flanders without thinking of Ned. Can you imagine Ned Flanders brewing beer?  Homer would be in heaven!

In 1919 Paul Van Steenberge a professor of microbiology changed the brewery’s name to “BROUWERIJ (Brewery) BIOS after the high-fermentation beer brewed their at the time.   That beer was known as the “FLEMISH BURGUNDY” their own recipe.  Sometime between 1919 and 1962 the name was changed again to Brewery Van Steenberge when the son took over.  He changed their policy to obtain, rather than grow, high-quality raw materials ending the on-site harvesting of malt/hops.  Focus on the brewing. Smart man.

In 1990 grandson Paul increased production output by building a computer-controlled brewing hall. At present, 60% of the brewery’s appealing and varied range of high-fermentation beers is bound for export markets.    High/Re-fermentation in the bottle and cask means it can be stored for years.

   Barley Wine – ABV 10.5%

Smells and tastes of fruit – apple, cherry.  I used to drink this quite frequently when I lived in CA as some of the Yardhouse Restaurants had this on tap.  It’s very good but much sweeter than I remember, almost too sweet.  I imagine it would be great with really dark chocolate. 

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